VR Workshop - VR Arts Lab 3

An intensive 3 day workshop organised by Future Artists to create a piece of VR inspired by Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson – NASA (The Civil Rights and Liberty freedom movement and forgotten histories of humankind's great achievements).

My team... Johnson Lee, Edel Fernandez, John Lloyd, Neal Menhinick, Ella Boston and Clare. 

The Brief:

Elon Musk has completed his first stage of his mission to Mars, people are now living and working on the planet, and although Starbucks is not on the red planet just yet, people have lived their long enough to require some kind of culture.

Elon has requested that their be a museum or exhibition space on the planet that best reflects the achievements of Human Beings, an inspirational and educational space, which uses entertainment and documentary combined to inform and entertain, and that this museum or exhibition space, must be virtual! - as he can't fly an entire museum into space – only a Tesla Roadstar!

With this in mind – Groups are to be given a female creative genius / or female lead movement, and be asked to create an exhibition for Elon to consider.

Groups are to champion their genius and their place in human history, so that in future generations, the people of Mars will have a much fuller and broader understanding of humankind's achievements, and an improvement on what they know now.

Elon has also requested that you focus on experience and not on presenting primary research such as talking heads saying things about the past – it needs to engage his 10 year old self he said, curious but easily bored.

The results of our 3 days of learning how to piece together a VR experience can be seen in the video below...