Psychic Products to Visionary Rumours

A design project in development to investigate belief and encounter through the study of UFO phenomena in relation to location, geography and perceptual memory. This project will be exhibited as part of a collective response to Brexit in a group show for London Design Festival, September 2019. For more info and to view the first publication released on the first Brexit deadline, 29th March 2019

Since the announcement of Brexit, towns and villages detached from major cities have pulled away from these economic centres, disturbed and resolute in determining their own future outside of collective European boarders. Independence has been declared on hopes, dreams and fantasy rationale… the human resolution devoid of informed reasoning but from the heart and against a feeling of being ignored.

Across the Peninnes and the North of England many are experiencing a growing 'Psychic Disturbance’..... (feelings raised at the meetings of the local UFO group).

As humans become more disconnected from collectiveness, metaphysical notions are attributed to manifestations according to the archetypes of modern fantasy. The UFO (a disc like Mandala)... could be the manifestation of visionary dreams that deal with conflicting traumatic issues in the self and it's relationship with lived experience (Jung, 1959). In confusing times of fake news and fake truths it seems pertinent that the people of Great Britain look for comfort in symbolic rumours. 

As rationale becomes more individualised and collectiveness more confusing a study into the re-emerging British UFO phenomena (Randles and Warrington, 1979) in relation to current political and geographic tensions is a telling way from which to measure the psychological state of a divided nation and opportunity to realign philosophical priorities. 

Through the 'acceptable' metaphysical intervention of the UFO this project investigates the role of the ‘psychic product’, how it is manifested, and how it is encountered through 'visionary rumours'. In a collaborative exhibition 'State of Unsettlement', the UFO acts as a reference to nature and science, posing a plausible myth that satisfies a human fetish for discovering an alternative real. It investigates new possible futures outside the current commercial and industrialised modes for living. 


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