Ordsall Hall Paranormal Study

An ongoing study to investigate the science of human behavior/belief and examine relationships between environmental features, design and paranormal phenomena. 

Ordsall Hall will be the site of a series of public events where participants are invited to take part in a scientific study alongside students and researchers from Manchester Metropolitan University to investigate reported paranormal sightings. After an introductory briefing and talk about the history of the hall, groups will be guided around the building to determine the validity of such claims and encounters. 

For the exploration, participants will be placed into small groups and asked to explore specified locations. At the end of the investigation there will be a talk about anomalous research and participants will have the opportunity to feedback through discussion and sharing of experiences. Conversations will be recorded so that themes and encounters can be examined at a later date for scientific research purposes.

These events will be part of a number of similar events that contribute to the development of a 'psycho-spatial' database that defines parameters for measuring experiential phenomena and the understanding of how the design of the environment influences the perception of anomalous encounter.

A link to the Ordsall Hall Ghost Cam..

Article on the study: https://www2.mmu.ac.uk/hpsc/news-and-media/news/story/?id=8743