Unit X - Design Interventions

A collection of Unit X projects that explore cross-disciplinary pedagogy between BA(Hons) Interior Design, Creative Multimedia and Film and Media Studies Manchester School of Art. Unit X, a faculty wide credit bearing initiative to enable better collaboration across art and design courses.

The projects explore cross-disciplinary approaches to problem solving and generating designed outputs using a ‘vertical studio’ model. The outcomes for the students are to create a number of media/arts/design based interventions, responding to real clients (festival organisers, local bar and café owners) and real client briefs. The constructivist approach to pedagogy allows students the opportunity to develop their practice skills within communities of practice to help explore, develop, support and form their creative identities. The aim is to facilitate a supported environment to allow knowledge creation to take place through group tasks, reflection and the challenges of working and negotiating roles as professionals.

Paper and presentation produced for the iJade Conference at the Tate Liverpool, October 2014:

Cocchiarella, F. and Booth, P. (2015) Students as Producers: An ‘X’ Disciplinary Client-Based Approach to Collaborative Art, Design and Media Pedagogy; Collaborative Practices in Arts Education, iJADE (International Journal of Art & Design Education) Wiley Publications, Vol. 34, Issue. 3, pp. 326–335.